Hawaiian Kona

Hawaiian Kona

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This super limited edition Kona is a coffee connoisseur’s dream. The roast profile creates a wide spectrum of taste experiences including hints of citrus, nuttiness, cream, vanilla, caramel and chocolate all softly balanced and integrated. Medium bodied with a pleasing finish, yet delicately complex. 


COUNTRY / REGION : Hawaii Kona Hills, Kealakekua 

FARMER / SOURCE / VARIETY : Greenwell Farms 

PROCESS / CERTIFICATIONS : Kona Typica, Pacamara, Jenni K., Geisha 

Extra fancy, washed 



SOIL : Volcanic loam

ALTITUDE : 1500 – 2500 feet 

AROMA :  rich, sweet, chocolate 

FLAVOR : chocolate, creamy, caramel, almond 

ACIDITY: subtle 

BODY: creamy


WHY WE LIKE THIS COFFEE: Sweet expressive cup. Great lingering aftertaste. 

RECOMMEND FOR: Anyone wanting to indulge in an elevated coffee experience. Central, South American similarities.