The Mill's Favorite Gift Coffees

The Mill's Favorite Gift Coffees

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12 oz bag of our favorite, bestselling coffees. The perfect gift!

Regular Coffees

Mill Blend*

The Mill’s house blend combines medium roast beans from each of the three main coffee growing regions of the world to produce a finely balanced, smooth cup.

Good Life Blend

This hearty, medium-dark breakfast blend is perfect for those who enjoy a toasty (edging into dark) roast to keep you going on the plains.

Dark Italian Roast

As dark as we dare to go, this Latin American blend is for lovers of a deep, smoky roast.

Decaf Mill Blend* 

The decaffeinated version of our house blend, this medium roast is a balanced coffee with a smooth, earthy finish.


Flavored Coffees

Nebraska Blend*

This German Chocolate and Irish Cream combination has an uplifting sweetness, just like our home state.


A cookie in a cup, The Mill’s most popular flavored coffee is a delicious blend of cinnamon and hazelnut.


Cinnamon Streusel 

Delightfully sweet, purely indulgent. A rich coffee cake flavor accented by a sassy swirl of cinnamon.

*K-Cups are also available in this coffee