Jamaican Sunrise

Jamaican Sunrise

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One of the most perfectly balanced blends we have ever made.    If you are looking for a delicious coffee that melds the best of the best regions around the world, this one is worth savoring each sip.  Dan and our Master Roaster, Chris have wanted to blend a Jamaican for over a year and finally, here it is. They both feel it was worth the wait. See if you agree! 

Roast: Medium 

Aroma: floral, fruity, rich

Flavor: sweet, lime, cocoa

Acidity: forward, pronounced

Body: delicate, silky

Why we like this coffee: 

Well balanced, clean cup. Classic island taste of the Jamaican. Sulawesi provides more depth and body. Colombian balances everything out to make it a full, rich, elegant cup. 

Recommended for: 

Someone looking for an exciting, complex cup.