Coffee Grinder Set

Coffee Grinder Set

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- Bodum Electric Grinder

- Two 8oz Coffee Bags - Whole Bean

- Mill Coffee Scoop

Mill Blend The Mill's house blend combines beans from each of the three main coffee growing regions of the world to produce a finely-balanced, complex cup.
Colombian The classic crowd-pleaser. Colombian Supremo is the iconic classic bean of South.
Good Life Blend Life is truly good in Nebraska for those coffee drinkers who enjoy a toasty roast. This coffee is an delicious, hearty, medium-dark breakfast blend.
Dark Italian Roast We take this Latin American blend as far into the dark-roast territory as we dare. Solely for you lovers of the smoky, pungent flavors of the darkest of the dark.
Snickerdoodle One of The Mill's most popular flavored coffee…a delicious blend of cinnamon and hazelnut.
Nebraska Blend A delicious blend of Chocolate and Irish Cream.
Yule Cheer Stay festive with a wonderful twist of holiday flavor and delectable dessert. The rich, creamy vanilla of crème brûlée blended with delicate roasted chestnuts. A nutty, smooth cup of coffee.
Snowberry Winter is here and with it comes our favorite yearly treats! Soft and smooth white chocolate with the sweetness and tang of cranberries creates one of our favorite winter flavor combinations.
Decaf Mill Blend A ligther body than other coffees from this part of the world with a slightly fruity aroma, and flavors of nuts, caramel, and mild spice. A balanced blend of Latin America and Sumatra, dominated by the milk-chocolate, nuts, caramel, and mild spice flavors , with a little extra body.