Jamaican Blue Mountain
Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain

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maple syrup - baker’s chocolate - walnut

Truly treat yourself: pick up a bag of this year’s cup of perfection.

Thanks to the high elevation, heavy rainfall, and lush volcanic soil, the Jamaican Blue Mountain beans create one of the best-balanced cups of coffee in the world.

Incredibly smooth with rich, full body. A touch of berry-like acidity and soft, subtle sweetness add complexity. After overtones of nuts and chocolate, with a remarkable lack of bitterness, leave you experiencing an unrivaled balance of flavors. 

Our 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Superior Grade Select Clydesdale Estate is sourced from family-owned farms located near the Saint Andrew parish nestled in the Grand Ridge of the Blue Mountains, Jamaica and comes to you as fresh as shipping allows.

The estate, at an average altitude of 1000 meters, is nestled in the Grand Ridge which is home to Jamaica’s largest National Park and Forest reserve. The Clydesdale coffee region is located at the very center of the Blue Mountain coffee area, which is why they say it is “at the Heart of the Blue Mountains…”

Coffee produced in the Jamaica Blue Mountains has a protected designation of origin (PDO) because of the renowned reputation of Blue Mountain coffee.  Coffee is intercropped with banana, Inga, mango and many other shade trees.

The Clydesdale wet-mill is the most modern in Jamaica with technology to recycle and treat water before returning it to the environment. The dry mill, located in an economically underprivileged part of Kingston, employees over 600 women to hand sort coffee.  In addition to the social impact from stable employment, funds are also invested in projects to support over 30 schools.