Colombia Cauca Corinto

Colombia Cauca Corinto

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If you love coffee... just delicious coffee, you will love this Colombian. With aromas of rich dark chocolate, berry, and a floral note you will taste a classic coffee with tones of red fruit, cola, and brown sugar.

The body is a comforting mid to full.

Roast: medium

This traceable community blend, with a vibrant regional profile, comes from small family-owned farms cultivating coffee within the municipality Corinto in the department of Cauca. Each producer has its own micro-mill where they carefully harvest cherries, de-pulp, ferment, wash and gently dry the parchment on raised beds.

The coffee is then dried in solar dryers that provide protection from the rain.

Mill Blend lovers, or anyone looking for an excellent, classic cup of coffee, with a bit more complexity, will enjoy this unique Colombian.