Our In-store Menu

All of our coffees are roasted fresh, in house and available for purchase by the pound. We stock over 60 loose teas.

Freshly brewed selections of the day. Regular, Flavored & Decaf
$1.37 to stay, $1.74 small to go, $1.97 large to go

Café au Lait                                                              
Brewed coffee with steamed milk              
$1.83 single, $2.34 double

Hot Tea                                                                      
Your choice from our collection of over 60 loose teas
$ priced by tea selection

Hot Chocolate                                                        
Choose from Semi-sweet, Moto Mexican, or White chocolate
$2.52 single, $3.02 double

Original or decaf, steamed with milk         
$2.61 single, $3.12 double

Apple juice steeped with our own mulling spices
$1.89 single, $2.34 double

Steamed milk with your choice of flavored syrup
$1.83 single, $2.34 double

Single or double shot
$1.60 single, $1.83 double

Traditional style   
$2.98 single, $3.48 double

Café Latte                                                               
Espresso with steamed milk                                      
$2.98 single, $3.48 double

Café Mocha                                                               
Espresso with Mocha, Moto mocha or White heat
$3.39 single, $3.85 double

Espresso with hot water                               
$1.83 single, $2.34 double

Espresso topped with brewed coffee

Ristretto espresso with steamed milk
$2.11 single, $2.61double    

Creole Lait                                                                 
New Orleans style lattemade with chicory
$2.84 single, $3.31 double

Fruit Smoothies                                                        
Crushed fruit and ice with milk or water   
$3.53 with water, $3.89 with milk

Iced Coffee                                                              
Our own toddy with water or milk

Iced Tea                                                                     
Black, Herbal or Black Flavored

Frozen toddy, syrup & milk                          
$2.98 single, $3.48 double

Italian Soda                                                              
Mineral water & syrup with a touch of cream

Hibiscus Cooler                                                        
Hibiscus tea with your choice of syrup

Chilled espresso shaken to a froth

Shot of Espresso, $.55
Flavored Syrup, $.45
Choices of Soy milk, Almond milk or Half & Half, $.55

Plus a selection of locally made, fresh daily croissants, muffins, scones, sandwiches, parfaits, wraps, chocolates and more.